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Harriet Wood Bowden Harriet Wood Bowden
Associate Professor & Program Chair
MFLL (Spanish) Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience of Language
Clara Lee Brown Clara Lee Brown
Associate Professor
Theory & Practice in Teacher Education Academic language proficiency, Content-Based ESL learning, Equity issues in Testing Programs, and Bilingual/bicultural Identity
Jeffrey Davis Jeffrey Davis
Theory & Practice in Teacher Education American Sign Language, Interpretation, Sociolinguistics
Patricia Davis-Wiley Patricia Davis-Wiley
Theory & Practice in Teacher Education L2 Impact VLCs L2 Technologies
Bethany K. Dumas Bethany K. Dumas
Emeritus Professor
English Variation (Regional, Social), Forensic Linguistics
Rodica Frimu Rodica Frimu
Assistant Professor
MFLL (French) Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, French Linguistics
Maria Gallmeier Maria Gallmeier
Senior Lecturer
MFLL (German) Tense and Aspect Systems, Grammaticalization, History of Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Teaching Methodology
Jessi Grieser Jessi Grieser
Assistant Professor
English Sociolinguistics, Variation, Phonetics, Discourse Analysis
Jim Hamrick Jim Hamrick
English Language Institute Language Curriculum Development, Program Administration
Yen-Chen Hao Yen-Chen Hao
Assistant Professor
MFLL (Chinese) Phonetics, Second Language Acquisition, Chinese Linguistics
Yingjie Hu

Yingjie Hu
Assistant Professor

Geography Geospatial Semantics, Computational Linguistics, Geospatial and Text Data Mining, Information Retrieval
Thorsten Huth Thorsten Huth
Assistant Professor
MFLL (German) Pragmatics & Interaction, Second Language Acquisition, FL/SL Pedagogy
Bernard Issa Bernard Issa
Assistant Professor
MFLL (Spanish) Second Language Acquisition, Bilingual Language Processing, Eye-tracking, Psycholinguistics
Nils Jaekel Nils Jaekel
Clinical Assistant Professor
Theory & Practice in Teacher Education Second Language Acquisition, content-based methodology (ESL / WL), individual differences in L2 acquisition particularly early L2 acquisition, language learning strategies and self-efficacy in language learning and teacher education, ELL’s summer regression
Gregory Kaplan Gregory Kaplan
MFLL (Spanish) Historical Linguistics, History of Spanish, Sociolinguistics, Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature, Converse Literature, Sephardic Studie
  Laurie Knox
Senior Lecturer
English English as a Second Language, Linguistics, Technical and Professional Writing
Roy Liuzza Roy Liuzza
English Old English, Middle English, and History of the English Language
Jeff Mellor Jeff Mellor
Emeritus Professor
MFLL (German) Germanic Philology, German Linguistics, Teaching Methodology
Itsik Pariente Itsik Pariente
MFLL (Hebrew) Phonology, Morphology, Prosodic morphology, Hebrew
Tanita Saenkhum Tanita Saenkhum
Assistant Professor
English Second Language Writing, Writing Program Administration, ESL, TESOL
Robert J. Sklenář Robert J. Sklenář
Associate Professor
Classics Greek and Latin Literature, Classical Tradition, Linguistic Analysis of Literature, Greek and Latin Historical Linguistics
Kimberly Wolbers Kimberly Wolbers
Associate Professor
Theory & Practice in Teacher Education (Deaf Education) Applied Linguistics, Reading, Writing and Literacy
Dolly J. Young Dolly J. Young
Professor and Vice Chair
MFLL (Spanish) Spanish Psycholinguistics, Applied Linguistics, Materials Development, Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Education

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